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Corinthia Bab Africa
FOCUS system was installed at Corinthia Bab Africa, Tripoli Libya.
The Chedi
FOCUS system was installed at The Chedi, Oman Muscat.
Palm City Residence
FOCUS system was installed at Palm City Residence, Tripoli Libya.
Intercontinental Luanda
FOCUS system was installed at Intercontinental Luanda, Angola.


What is FOCUS ?

FOCUS is a framework developed to integrate high speed data network, providing mobility, security and inter-operability of IP convergence devices managed and operated on a single Fiber Optic Communication Unified System.

The system exceeds by far today's expectations and sets future standards in terms of data speed, Quality of Service and manageability of the whole building ICT Infrastructure.

A concept that addresses your needs

The FOCUS (Fibre Optic Communication Unified Solutions) concept provides unprecedented benefits that provide IT and facilities managers with maximum network efficiency, immediate control over bandwidth requirements, significant cost savings, quick project turnaround times, and total control over planning and budgeting.

An integrated approach is the key

The system is made up of a combination of devices based on IP Ethernet, which are seamlessly integrated on a Unified Redundant Fibre Optic infrastructure. All the traffic generated by these devices is easily fulfilled and Quality of Service is safeguarded. The Network Administration Management Suite will monitor the performance and manage the system and ensures that the user experience is not degraded.

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